DNA Consultations & Coaching

Are you struggling to understand DNA testing or interpret your results?  You’ve tried but it all seems so difficult, perhaps even overwhelming?  Are you searching for close biological family and don’t know how to start or what to do next?

DNA consultations online provide personalised education and coaching at a time convenient to you, and customised to your level of experience and progress.  Let me help you get started on your DNA adventure from scratch, or guide you through your existing DNA results and suggest next steps to help you solve your mystery or achieve your research goal.

Get expert genetic genealogy advice to help plan your DNA testing strategy, review your DNA results, and work with you and your DNA data to achieve your specific research goals.

DNA consultations are held online via your computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone.

Conferences, Webinars & Workshops

For conferences & presentations (once social distancing rules allow them), recorded presentations, webinars or workshops, check my list of speaking topics and contact me for more information, pricing and availability.

Need Free Assistance?

Refer to my DNA Education page for links to resources to help you learn and understand genetic genealogy.

Pro-bono assistance may be available in some cases, but demand is very high and there may be a long wait.  If you have an extraordinary or urgent case, please contact me with details.