Books on Genetic Genealogy & DNA Testing

Books on DNA testing & Genetic Genealogy

Fast-track your learning by reading some excellent books on DNA testing and genetic genealogy.  If you are new to genetic genealogy, you may find the whole topic challenging initially, but a beginners guide will provide a gentle introduction to the science, the terminology, the testing products and help you understand your DNA results.

If you enjoy reading a good novel, you will like the real-life stories (non-fiction), as well as the novels and genealogical crime mysteries (fiction) that incorporate DNA testing.

Most books are also available as ebooks or Kindle downloads (the free Kindle app allows you to read them on any mobile device or computer).

Genetic Genealogy Non-Fiction


Blaine T Bettinger, 2nd Edition, August 2019

An essential resource for all beginners, this is a complete guide to DNA testing for genealogy – from selecting the right tests to understanding your results.


Blaine T Bettinger & Debbie Parker Wayne, NGS, 2016

The first genetic genealogy workbook complete with answer key allowing instant feedback.  This guide is a must-read for all genetic genealogists!


Debbie Parker Wayne (Editor), Paperback, 20 Mar 2019

An in-home course in advanced genetic genealogy, includes fourteen chapters by well-known professional genealogists with DNA experience.

Brianne Kirkpatrick & Shannon Combs-Bennett 26 May 2019

How to use genealogy and genetics to uncover your roots, connect with your biological family, and better understand your medical history.  If you are an adoptee looking for missing information about your past, this book will get you started on your search for family and guide you in your quest for health and medical information.

BCG, 2nd edition, 5 Mar 2019, Paperback, 108 pages

This manual presents the standards family historians use to obtain valid results (this new edition includes DNA).

Emily D Aulicino, Paperback, Bloominghouse, 2014

An excellent learning and reference book that can be referred to over and over again!

Kerry Farmer, 4th edition, Paperback, Unlock the Past, 2018, 60 pages

This book shows you how you can use DNA to harness a new range of genealogical tools.




Elizabeth Shown Mills, Hardcover, 678 pages, Genealogical Publishing Company Inc, 2018

Written by twenty-two experts and edited by Elizabeth Shown Mills, this is an invaluable resource for professional genealogists and students, as well as all family history researchers.

Debbie Kennett, The History Press, 2011

A great guide on exploiting social media to advance your genetic genealogy!

Elizabeth Shown Mills, Laminated Pamphlet, 2015

A concise 4-page guide to the standards for evaluating genetic evidence, as well as citation models for all types of genetic reports, databases, and more.

Dr Maurice Gleeson, published by Your Genealogy Today Magazine, January 2018

Available in print or via PDF, this 68-page magazine-format guide will help you learn about DNA testing and how it can help you further your genealogy research.

Paul Joseph Fronczak, 2016

This amazing real life story has enthralled the genetic genealogy community and the general public alike.  Definitely a book that is difficult to put down!
I’m looking forward to a possible sequel!

Edited by Graham S Holton, with contributions from John Cleary, Michelle Leonard, Iain McDonald, Alasdair F MacDonald; 30 June 2019

An introduction to DNA testing for traditional genealogists.

A Memoir of Genealogy, Paternity, and Love

Dani Shapiro, 2020

A deep and moving memoir from Dani Shapiro about her discovery through a genealogy DNA test that the loving father that brought her up was not in fact her biological father.  Learning at age 54 that she was donor conceived had a profound affect on her feeling of self and identity.

Frank Billingsley, 2017.

An adopted man’s DNA journey to discover his family tree.  A great real-life story.

Family Found: How DNA and Genealogy revealed my First Parents' Identity.

Don Anderson, 2017

Bill Griffeth, 2016

A longtime genealogy buff takes a DNA test that has an unexpected outcome.

A Path to Reveal Family Secrets

K S Hopkins, 2018

Hilary Harper, 2017

Craig A Steffen, 2015

An orphan, Craig embarks on a journey to uncover the truth about his origins.

Ariana Killoran, A 23andMe Book, 2016

Teaches children the science of genetics in a way that kids can understand.

Ariana Killoran, A 23andMe Book, 2016

A board book for a playful introduction to genetics for the very youngest readers.


Winner of the Victorian Premier's Literary Award for an unpublished manuscript in 2012. Now a global bestseller.

Sequel to The Rosie Project. If you haven't read these novels yet, you must! You won't be able to put them down!

The wonderful final instalment to the internationally bestselling series that began with The Rosie Project!

The Asylum – Prequel to Forensic Genealogist Series, 18 Dec 2018
Hiding the Past – The Forensic Genealogist #1, 15 Sep 2013
The Lost Ancestor – The Forensic Genealogist #2, 10 Sep 2014
The Orange Lilies – The Forensic Genealogist #3, 1 Dec 2014
The America Ground – The Forensic Genealogist #4, 2 Sep 2015
The Spyglass File – The Forensic Genealogist #5, 30 Aug 2016
The Missing Man – The Forensic Genealogist #6, 2 Feb 2017
The Wicked Trade – The Forensic Genealogist #7, 25 Feb 2018
The Sterling Affair – The Forensic Genealogist #8, 16 Jan 2020
Morton in Lockdown – Free to read-online, choose your path! 2020
The Foundlings – The Forensic Genealogist #9, 31 Oct 2021

Mindy Starns Clark, Harvest House, 2009

An amazing, fascinating read with many story lines - genealogy and mystery intertwined with suspense, lies, murder, money, missing persons, culture, history, science, DNA & inheritance, gene therapies, deception, many interesting characters... and even romance. A must-read!

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