Your DNA Stories

By Louise Coakley

Your DNA stories

DNA stories are always popular – whether they are genealogical research successes, identification of biological relatives, or unexpected results from DNA testing.

Just a few years ago many of the stories below – all resulting from DNA testing – would have been unheard of, perhaps even thought impossible.  DNA testing can now take advantage of our own genetic material to connect with biological relatives, potentially solving decades-long searches where identifying information has been unavailable for whatever reason.

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Story TitleNamesLocationCategoryPublished
Man who donated sperm for research discovers 2 children conceived without consent – VRT NewsTomBelgiumSurprise offspring2024-04-19
‘Mission Fatherhood Succeeded’: German Man Finds U.S. Family After 65 Years of Searching – MyHeritage blogKenneth Reimund Hofer & Raymond Leroy DukeGermany & USAUnknown father2024-04-18
She Found Her Birth Father’s Identity and a Half-Sister with a MyHeritage DNA Test – MyHeritage blogTeresa ScharfUSA & GreeceAdoption2024-04-07
She Reunited with Her 94-Year-Old Grandfather. He Never Knew He Had a Daughter – MyHeritage blogMandy & Shirley Punton; Thoralf StavemAustralia & NorwayUnknown father2024-04-01
Using DNA to Explore Health and Family Connections – 23andMe blogEmily & EricUSASurprise brother, adoption2024-01-12
I Was Told My Birth Dad Had Died. A DNA Test Proved He Was Someone Else — Who’s Alive – MyHeritage blogCarl De Lio & Joseph DonatelliUSAMisattributed father2023-12-28
Woman Switched at Birth Celebrates Birthday with Biological Mom After Decades-Long Search – PeopleDiane BazellaUSABaby mix-up & adoption2023-11-22
She Bought a MyHeritage DNA Kit on Sale for Black Friday — and Finally Found Her Father – MyHeritage blogYentl Coeck & JamieBelgium & NetherlandsUnknown father2023-11-22
The Gift of a Lifetime: A Whole New Family Thanks to a MyHeritage DNA Kit – MyHeritage blogPenny Fox, Dorothy Hale Coutinho, Richard Henry SmithCanada & EnglandAdoption2023-11-20
I Got a MyHeritage DNA Kit as a Christmas Gift. It Gave Me a Whole New Extended Family – MyHeritage blogReta MichaelEnglandUnknown father2023-11-09
After 75 Years, He Finally Found Out Who His Father Was and Reunited with 3 Siblings – MyHeritage blogHerbert Meyer & HardingGermany & USAUnknown father2023-11-01
After a DNA Test Revealed a Shocking Truth, He Documented His Journey to Find His Birth Dad – MyHeritage blogLuke Davies & CarlosEngland & PortugalMisattributed father2023-10-23
She Took a DNA Test to Find Her Father… and Found a Brother She Never Knew Existed – MyHeritage blogCathy, Jolan, Gaby, MichaelHungary, Austria, Canada, AustraliaUnknown father2023-10-08
Welsh Brothers Find Each Other via MyHeritage DNA, and the Similarities Are Uncanny – MyHeritage blogRhys Williams, Gwilym, Chris & siblings Wales, England, AustraliaAdoptees2023-09-26
Holocaust Survivor, 92, Finally Learns Brother’s Fate Thanks to MyHeritage – MyHeritage blogJosef Lapko, Roman & Zalman ZlotinRussiaHolocaust separation2023-09-21
How DNA testing is reuniting families after decades apart – Reader’s DigestMelissa Highsmith; Guo XinzhenUSA & ChinaUnknown families2023-09-19
A DNA Match Revealed Her Secret Egyptian Heritage and a Loving Newfound FamilyE – MyHeritage blogKate Valério & MustafaFrance, Portugal, EgyptMisattributed paternity2023-09-18
Marie-Anne always wanted to be Italian – and thanks to DNA testing, she found her Italian father – ABC ListenMarie-Anne Keeffe & Giovanni ItalianoAustraliaAdoption2023-09-15
An Only Child’s DNA Surprise – 23andMe blogKayla MilliganUSADonor conceived2023-09-07
I Found My Father’s Birth Family and Much More on MyHeritage – MyHeritage blogJan PostDenmarkAdoption2023-09-07
Chilean-American Adoptee Reunites with His Family 42 Years After He Was Stolen From Them – MyHeritage blogMaría Angélica González & Jimmy Lippert ThydenChile & USAStolen at birth2023-08-31
After 69 Years, He Discovered His Dad’s Identity and Connected with Several Half-Siblings with MyHeritage DNA – MyHeritage blogNeil Gedny, Bobby, Paulette, Bill Pace AllenEngland & USAUnknown father2023-08-09
I Searched for My Birth Family… and Found 9 Siblings – MyHeritage blogRose MasseyUSAAdoption2023-07-25
Woman’s search for biological father linked to 50-year mystery of a 1971 Oregon John Doe known as ‘Frog Boy’ – NBC NewsWinston Arthur Maxey III & Lori MerriamUSAAdoption, Murder, Missing Person2023-07-24
I Found My Birth Father with MyHeritage DNA and It Feels Like Coming Home – MyHeritage blogXandra Bakker-van de WeerdtNetherlandsMisattributed paternity2023-07-18
Former ABC Gippsland radio host Barry Whitehead finds long-lost grandchildren after ancestry DNA test – ABC NewsBarry Whitehead, Aaron, Tess Griffin, MattAustraliaUnknown grandfather2023-07-08
After 28 Years of Searching, I Solved a Lifelong Mystery and Found My Brother with MyHeritage DNA – MyHeritage blogEstela RamosSouth AmericaAdoption2023-07-06
Julie & Julie: Sisters with Same Name Find Each Other After 60+ Years, and the Similarities Are Staggering – MyHeritage blogJulie Mamo & Julie AnsellUK, Australia & New ZealandAdoption2023-07-03
She Thought She Was an Only Child. Then She Took a MyHeritage DNA Test – Myheritage blogStella Stenroos & Aaro VuotilaFinland & IrelandMisattributed paternity2023-06-19
A DNA Test Revealed Her True Father’s Identity… and a Tragic Love Story -MyHeritage blogJanis Holmgren & Albert Glenn CrossUSA & SwedenMisattributed paternity2023-06-15
Australian Adoptee Finds Siblings in Denmark with MyHeritage DNA – MyHeritage blogDavid OliverAustralia, UK, DenmarkAdoption2023-06-12
Daughter Documents Moment She Tells Mom: Your Brother Found You After Decades Apart – MyHeritage blogMary Gambrell, Randolph MitchellUSAAdoption2023-06-08
I Found My Swedish Grandfather’s Identity and Reunited with a Long-Lost Aunt Thanks to MyHeritage – MyHeritage blogHans van Harskamp & Bror Mauritz HåkanssonSweden & NetherlandsUnknown grandfather2023-06-05
Chilean Adoptee Stolen as a Baby Reunites with His Sister – MyHeritage blogScott Lieberman & Jenny Escalona MardonesChile & USAStolen baby2023-06-01
100 Years After He Was Placed for Adoption as the Product of an Affair, His Descendant Discovered He Wasn’t – MyHeritage blogAimee Haynes, Richard, JudyUSAAdoption2023-05-25
Family Finder Helps Reunite Jewish Family Torn Apart by Holocaust – FTDNA blogLara Diamond, Dave, Shaindel Diamond,Russia, Ukraine, USAHolocaust2023-05-22
After a Series of Tragic Losses, She Found a Half-Sister with MyHeritage DNA – MyHeritage blogDianne Larson & Sarah TriplettUSAAdoption2023-05-18
After 60+ Years, I Found Out Who My Birth Mother Was and Connected with 6 Half-Siblings – MyHeritage blogSusan TowersUSAAdoption2023-05-11
A decade after a ‘great father’ was buried in a quiet Australian town, a secret he buried in the US over five decades ago has been dug up – 7NewsJohn Vincent Damon, William Leslie ArnoldUSA & AustraliaFather murdered parents, escaped2023-05-07
Thanks to a DNA Match, He Got a Letter from the Deceased Birth Father He’d Never Known – MyHeritage blogLoren McDonald & Goran MobergUSA & SwedenAdoption2023-04-30
Abandoned Siblings Discover Their Parents’ Identities — and Dark Pasts — After 38 Years – MyHeritage blogElvira, Ramón, Ricard, Ramón Martos Sánchez, Rosario Cuetos CruzFrance, SpainAbandoned children2023-04-27
She Found Her Father After 30 Years. He Had No Idea She Existed – MyHeritage blogLine Frances Edøy & Stein Steiro SitterUnknown father2023-04-12
I Found My Birth Parents and 7 Half-Siblings Thanks to a MyHeritage DNA Test – MyHeritage blogChristian ZGermanyAdoption2023-04-06
A Name and a Necklace – 23andMe blogJuliaUSA & El SalvadorAdoption2023-03-27
At 89, She Finally Found Her Identity & 3 Siblings Thanks to MyHeritage – MyHeritage blogVicenta Ruiz OriolSpainUnknown parentage2023-03-20
Texas Firefighter Reunited with the Chilean Family He Was Stolen From as a Baby – MyHeritage blogTyler GrafChileStolen baby2023-03-16
I always ‘looked different’ than the rest of my family — turns out I was switched at birth – New York PostAndy Perkins & Philip RobinsonUSABaby mix-up2023-03-09
How a 6cMs DNA match helped confirm where my Roberts family spent their early years in Queensland – Veronica WilliamsEdward Arthur RobertsAustraliaGenealogy2023-03-08
Discovering the Missing Pieces of Ellen’s Story: From Foster Child to Beloved Matriarch – Ancestry blogEllen Jean Power, Stone, McGhie, CoomberAustraliaUnknown parents2023-03-01
Half-Sisters Born Several Months Apart Find Each Other at 75 Thanks to MyHeritage DNA – MyHeritage blogKaren Fry, Sheila, Annie Ijpelaar, MarcUKAdoptions2023-02-27
Markham mayor meets father after 61 years thanks to Ancestry DNA test – FOX32 ChicagoRoger Agpawa & Robert SubletteUSAUnknown father2023-02-17
Thanks to a DNA Match, I Found My Father’s German Brother After Years of Searching – MyHeritage blogDawnette Nardini-Nelson; Fred Paul Nardini; SpechtGermanyOrphan’s unknown father2023-02-08
We Solved the Mystery of Our Ancestor’s Parentage — and Uncovered a Shocking Secret Along the Way – MyHeritage blogJennifer Stayt, Carol Pursell, Nikki CottleEnglandUnknown ancestry2023-01-30
Two women, a DNA test and the gift of finally knowing Dad – The AustralianTracey Howell & Meegan HallAustraliaAdoption2023-01-28
Father and Daughter Applied for DNA Quest and Found Each Other – MyHeritage blogRachael Robertson & Criss RosenlofUSAAdoption2023-01-04
I used DNA analysis to find my birth family and it sent me across three continents – CNN TravelTim CurranUSA & MoroccoAdoption2023-01-03
I Found My Granddaughter Thanks to DNA Quest… and a Brother Living 8 Blocks Away – MyHeritage blogMelvin GrayUSAAdoptions2022-12-21
After 60+ Years, She Finally Found Her Siblings. They Had Lost Another Sister with the Same Name Years Ago – MyHeritage blogSuzy FrazerAustralia & UKAdoption2022-12-15
What is our family name – Roberts, Baker or Dye? – Genemonkey blogVeronica WilliamsEnglandGenealogy2022-12-11
DNA test, ancestry website leads Wellington woman to her birth father – a convicted bank robber – NZ HeraldHeather SumnerNew Zealand, CanadaUnknown father2022-12-10
Baby taken away by babysitter 5 decades ago reunited with elderly parents who never gave up searching for her – Positive OutlooksAlta Apatenco, Jeffrie, Melissa HighsmithUSAAbducted/stolen toddler2022-12-06
I Was Told My Dad Died at War. I Found Him Through MyHeritage DNA — and He’s Alive – MyHeritage blog
Angelina BGermany, Guam & USAMisattributed paternity2022-11-08
I took a DNA test to prove I was European. I found out I was Aboriginal. – SBS NewsAngelina HadwenAustraliaMisattributed paternity2022-10-19
DNA Test Helps Woman Find Family After 59-Year Search – NewsweekSusie FraserAustraliaAdoption2022-10-14
She Was Alone in the World. Then, She Found Her Birth Father Across the Ocean – MyHeritage blogPatty McCrawUSAUnknown father2022-10-12
I Found My Dad and Got to Visit Him Twice Before He Passed Away Thanks to DNA Quest – MyHeritage blogStephen DrakeUSAAdoption2022-09-18
DNA Quest Helped My Birth Father Find a Brother He Didn’t Know He Had – MyHeritage blogTina HamptonUSAAdoption2022-09-08
DNA Analysis Sheds Light on Victims of 12th-Century Violence – MyHeritage blogEnglandHuman remains2022-09-01
I Reunited a Pair of First Cousins Thanks to My Family History Research – MyHeritage blogFred SkouDenmarkGenealogy2022-08-31
DNA Quest Helped Me Find My Birth Family — and a Whole Lot More – MyHeritage blogAshleigh Brown & LaurindaCanadaAdoption2022-08-18
There Was Only Me… Now There’s a We – MyHeritage blogEsther DGermanyAdoption2022-08-16
I Finally Met My Sister After More Than 50 Years Apart – MyHeritage blogDiane Ward & Mary McLaughlinUSAAdoption2022-08-04
Murders, rapes and more cases like the Somerton Man could be solved with more use of genetic genealogy technology, expert says – ABC NewsAustraliaInvestigative Genetic Genealogy (IGG)2022-07-28
I Finally Met the Half-Brother I Found Through MyHeritage DNA – MyHeritage blogAnna SardisUSA, Greece & SwedenAdoption2022-07-27
Somerton Man identified as Melbourne electrical engineer, researcher says – ABC NewsCarl/Charles WebbAustraliaUnidentified human remains; IGG2022-07-26
DNA Quest Helped Me Find My Birth Family — and a Whole Lot More – MyHeritage blogAshleigh BrownCanada & Dominican RepublicAdoptions2022-07-21
‘We couldn’t let each other go’ – Siblings reunited 80 years after separation in WWII – ABC NewsBill & Beryl StewartAustraliaOrphans separated2022-07-13
Marilyn: Her Final Secret – a factual documentary about how DNA from a sample of Marilyn Monroe’s hair revealed the identity of her unknown father – SBS OnDemand (Australia)Marilyn MonroeUSAUnknown father2022-07-00
I Uncovered the 76-Year-Old Secret of My Mum’s Birth Father… and Unearthed a New Secret – MyHeritage blogLisaEnglandUnknown grandfather2022-06-28
I Found My Mother After More Than 22 Years of Searching – MyHeritage blogIsabelle GuilbertFranceAdoptee2022-06-27
Sisters Feel Joy ‘Like 5-Year-Olds’ in First Meeting After 56 Years of Not Knowing the Other Existed – People.comDiane Ward & Mary McLaughlinUSA & EnglandAdoptions2022-06-27
Finding Holly Marie – Dancing on the edge of new realities in crime solving – Family History DetectivesAllison PeacockUSAInvestigative Genetic Genealogy2022-06-16
Best Father’s Day Gift Ever – 23andMe blogRickUSAMisattributed father2022-06-09
Better Together: Sisters Meet for the First Time – 23andMe blogLimia Ravart & Hannah RaleighChina, Canada, USAAdoptees2022-06-01
My Aunt & I Solved the 100-Year-Old Mystery of My Great-Grandfather’s Identity – MyHeritage blogJessica StanmeyerUSAUnknown great grandfather2022-05-30
Genome fully sequenced from remains of adult Pompeii man encased in volcanic ash – Smithsonian MagazineItalyAnthropology2022-05-27
Newly-identified Male Lineage May Reshape the Story of the First Americans – FTDNA blogKevin Segura
Using a Single Photo & DNA Matching, I Unlocked the Secret Her Grandmother Took to the Grave – MyHeritage blogBarbro, Anna & GustafSwedenUnknown grandfather2022-05-17
Finding the Forrest family – using chromosome analysis – DNA Discoveries blogVicki HailsAustralia; Scotland; CanadaGenealogy2022-05-05
A 23andMe Customer Reflects on the Meaning of Family – 23andMe blogJodee ProuseCanadaMisattributed father & surprise brother2022-04-21
Finding the parents of Frederick Harold Plowright born 1881 – Anne’s Family HistoryAnne YoungAustraliaGenealogy2022-03-22
Stewart and McLellan family – joining the dots with DNA – DNA Discoveries by Vicki HailsShaw Stewart & Mary McLellanScotland & IrelandGenealogy2022-03-19
‘I never felt right’: DNA test reveals Melbourne woman introduced to wrong ‘biological mother’ – The GuardianPenny MackiesonAustraliaAdoption baby mix-up2022-03-15
Arkansas judge left in a shoebox as a newborn, discovers birth parents after Fox News interview – New York PostJoseph WoodUSAFoundling2022-03-12
Identification of a decedent in a 103-year-old homicide case using forensic anthropology and genetic genealogy – Forensic Science ResearchAR Michael, SR Blatt, M Isa, A Redgrave, D UbelakerUSACold Case2022-03-11
Half-Brothers Found Each Other with MyHeritage DNA. Then, They Discovered They Had Sisters – MyHeritage blogFernando Hermansson Carabali; Ivan Andreas; Sandra & AngelaColombia, Sweden, Netherlands, SpainAdoption; Unknown siblings2022-03-07
The DNA-Secret that went to the grave too early – Phil GrassNattrass & StewartIreland, Scotland, EnglandGenealogy2022-03-01
They Were Switched at Birth—and Didn’t Find Out for 50 Years – The Daily BeastKathryn Jones, Tina Ennis, Jill LopezUSABaby mix-up2022-02-24
How a DNA test unearthed an unbelievable century-old switched at birth story – NJ.comCelia Lefkowitz & Selma BerzonUSABaby mix-up2022-02-19
‘DNA Doesn’t Lie. People Lie.’ After discovering six adopted brothers and sisters, these siblings believe their story is more than a sprawling family secret – Washington PostBob Bryntwick, Sharon Coppola, Reissa Spier, Rene Holm, and moreUSAAdoption & baby selling2022-02-09
North Augusta woman uses 23andMe, finds nephew she never knew she had – WJBF News 6 ABCCamisha Riggins & Daymon HeatonUSAUnknown father2022-02-09
77 Years After the Holocaust, DNA Test Connects Survivor with Descendants of Surviving Relatives – MyHeritage blogEva SzepesiHungary, Slovakia, Poland & IsraelHolocaust2022-01-27
Polish Jewish sisters orphaned and separated 80 years ago are reunited
by DNA test
– The Jewish Chronicle
Halina Michałowska & Krystyna LeszczynskaPolandWWII orphans; Holocaust2022-01-27
Thanks to DNA testing, local woman finds a half-sister she never knew she had – Citrus County ChronicleDanielle Avery & Kristin NavaUSAAdoption2022-01-12
Melbourne man discovers 1,000 aunts and uncles with genetic test – ABC RadioJack NunnUK, Ireland, Australia + moreSperm donor conception surprise2022-01-06
DNA Doe Project Success Stories – John & Jane Does, Cases Solved – DNA Doe ProjectDNA Doe Project (DDP)USAUnidentified Human Remains (UHR)2022-00-00
She Learned She Was Adopted, Then Found Her Birth Family. Now, She’s Helping Others Do the Same – MyHeritage blogAlejandra Goicoechea & Eduardo BatallanArgentina & SpainAdoption2021-12-30
Scientists just reconstructed one of the oldest family trees ever charted, using DNA from graves in a Neolithic tomb – Live ScienceEnglandAncient Genealogy2021-12-23
How I lost my Pomeranian – Danielle LautrecGottlieb MalchowAustraliaGenealogy & misattributed father2021-12-21
Dad meets daughter for the first time just before Christmas – WCHSTV NewsRob Donahue & SarahUSAAdoption2021-12-21
A Family of Strangers – How a simple DNA test turned worlds upside down, leading to profound questions of identity – BBC SoundsPhilip Clark & othersUK & CanadaMisattributed fathers & sperm donation2021-12-21
‘I was in shock’: West Fargo man reunited with entire biological family he’d never met – InforumDon Lazorenko, Zach Lee & Linda ErvinUSAAdoption2021-12-17
A baby was taken from her mother’s arms in the Holocaust. The family just reunited. – Washington PostDora & Eva Rapaport; Clare & Evelyn ReayUSA, UK, Israel, GermanyStolen baby WWII2021-12-14
Long Lost Friends Learn They’re Also Sisters – 23andMe blogLinda Rinaldi & Cheryl BeckerUSAMisattributed father & surprise sister2021-12-13
El Pasoan brings biological siblings together for first time in over 70 years – KTSMRichard Berglund/Robert Harron Ledkins, Danielle BlattnerUSAAdoption2021-12-13
30 years after working together, women discover they are half-sisters – TodayCheryl Becker & Linda RinaldiUSAMisattributed father & unknown sister2021-12-11
Father and daughter meet for the first time after 50 years – First Coast NewsMitzi Dickert & Tim & Mimi NguyenUSA & VietnamUnknown father2021-12-11
Lakewood woman meets sister after 73 years – The Denver ChannelLinda Hoffman & Harriet CarterUSAAdoption2021-12-07
Family Stories Vs Documents & DNA – Lara Diamond’s Jewnealogy blogReiza & Yankel Diamond & Yehoshua DimentUSAGenealogy2021-12-05
19th century family saga re-told by DNA recovered from postcard stamps – Science DirectXaver & Dina, Renc & RonAustriaGenealogy & DNA from stamps2021-11-30 led me to my father and brother — and the biggest surprise of my life | Chosen Family – The InquirerReggie Shuford, Peter & Tony GrearUSASurprise father2021-11-25
Last Year, She Uncovered Her Grandmother’s Secret Past. This Year, She Identified Her Mystery Biological Grandfather – MyHeritage blogStephanie GustysCanada & LithuaniaUnknown father2021-11-23
I Took a DNA Test for My Health. It Found Me a Family – MyHeritage blogLizzie ShaltzUSAAdoption2021-11-16
Family discovers IVF mix-up after DNA test for 12-year-old son – TodayDonna & Vanner Johnson and Devin & Kelly McNeilUSAIVF sperm mixup2021-11-13
A Veterans’ Day Story From 23andMe – 23andMe blogJessica Dudley & Lee Eugene DudleyUSA & CambodiaWar baby, unknown father2021-11-09
We Discovered a Half-Sister on MyHeritage. She’d Been Looking for Us for 27 Years – MyHeritage blogHope Fowler & Krystal BaezUSAUnknown father2021-11-04
Old Lady Who Never Had Kids Takes DNA Test Which Reveals She Has a Daughter – AmomamaDorothy Weaver, Susan, Michelle SimpsonUSAIdentical twins separated2021-11-03
Autosomal DNA Analysis Confirms Identity of Living Descendant of Sitting Bull – MyHeritage blogErnie LaPointe & Sitting BullUSAGenealogy2021-10-31
Thanks to MyHeritage DNA Quest, I Had Both of My Dads to Walk Me Down the Aisle – MyHeritage blogKara MillerUSAAdoption2021-10-12
52 Years in 11 Days: A Son, Facing Death, Finds His Father – Yahoo NewsSam Anthony & Craig NelsonUSAAdoption2021-10-11
Family Heritage Month – DNA test reveals truth for one man after Irish nuns lied – IrishCentralKevin Battle, William SheehyIreland & USAForced Adoption2021-10-09
23andMe Offers Revelations for Adoptee Searching for His Siblings – 23andMe blogAaron HarrisUSAAdoption2021-09-17
A surprise sister: Woman found her Korean sibling on 23andMe – Montclair Local NewsBarbara Clarke Ruiz & Lupe IbarraUSA & South KoreaAdoption2021-08-24
I Found My Dad’s Secret Birth Father Thanks to a MyHeritage DNA Test – MyHeritage blogRobyn Trickel Barret Dowd & BarlowUSAMisattributed grandfather2021-08-22
‘I can’t believe it’: Waterdown woman reunites with biological mother after 45-year search – Flamborough ReviewAmanda Hagan & Bonnie BernadineUK & CanadaAdoption2021-08-19
MyHeritage DNA Helped Me Find My Real Grandfather – MyHeritage blogAnders & Inge Bergenek, Simon OlsonSwedenMisattributed paternity2021-08-16
Wadsworth woman finds son she put up for adoption 33 years ago through 23andMe – News5 ClevelandMelanie Pressley & Greg VosslerUSAAdoption2021-08-12
The Magic of DNA: two stories – TinteanJudy Porra & Nonie HolmanAustraliaAdoption2021-08-10
I Found My Best Friend’s Birth Father Thanks to MyHeritage – MyHeritage blogJane Nicholson, Tony WoodUKAdoption2021-08-04
Long Time Friends Find Out They’re Actually Sisters – 23andMe blogJulia & CassieUSA & Dominican RepublicAdoption2021-07-30
I Finally Found My Dad, and I Can’t Be Happier – MyHeritage blogYves Innes, Tjarda EngelboschBelgiumMisattributed father2021-07-22
Woman Forced to Give Up Baby 66 Years Ago Takes DNA Test, Finds Son After Years of Searching – NewsweekIssy Carr, George Staveley, Kym & KeithUK & AustraliaForced adoption2021-07-21
Despite My Birth Father’s Denial, MyHeritage DNA Connected Me with My Family – MyHeritage blogSteve HigginbottomUSAPaternal family2021-07-20
Finding ‘Grace’: Murder, DNA and ancestry – BBC NewsRob, Shawna Beth Garber, Danielle PixlerUSAMissing person, Unidentified remains, IGG2021-07-16
A Sperm Donor is Found with DNA – Kitty Cooper’s blogTiegerUSA & AustriaDonor conceived2021-07-15
After scouring China for 24 years on a motorbike, a determined father is reunited with his abducted son – ABC NewsGuo Gangtang & Guo XinzhenChinaStolen child2021-07-14
There Was Only Me… Now There’s a We – MyHeritage blogEsther D & Linda, Billy Kaot (Raphaël Alingabo) Germany, Sweden, CongoAdoption2021-07-07
30 Years After Learning that My Birth Father Wasn’t the Man Who Raised Me, I Finally Found Out Who He Was – MyHeritage blogIngrid Goeury & Fanny BourdariasFranceUnknown father2021-06-30
Woman finds her biological father through DNA kit, after decade of searching – WTKR NewsJulie LaneUSAAdoption2021-06-20
A Father and Daughter Meet for the First Time – 23andMe blogTom Chaney & Stephanie McKennaUSAAdoption2021-06-15
DNA test brings brother, sister in Crestwood together for first time in over 50 years – WLKYShari Klosterman & Van RowndUSAMisattributed father2021-06-12
My Brother Vanished at Age 3. MyHeritage Helped Me Find Him 32 Years Later – MyHeritage blogJhonatan & Juan JimenezColombiaStolen child2021-06-10
When your biological father is your mother’s fertility doctor: DNA tests reveal cases of ‘fertility fraud’ – USA TodayRoberta Voss, Martin D GreenbergUSAFertility fraud, sperm donor2021-06-08
Long-lost sisters find each other, learn they have matching tattoos – NY PostVictoria Voorhees & Alyss RavaeUSAAdoption2021-06-03
I Found a Photo of My Great-Great-Grandma Thanks to a DNA Match on MyHeritage – MyHeritage blogKarla SaraviaUSAGenealogy2021-05-30
Perviously Unknown Siblings Unite – MyHeritageDianne & GrahamAustraliaMisattributed father2021-05-26
Family reunited through DNA kit, 1 sibling from Watertown – Fox6 MilwaukeeGreg Morrison aka Craig JohnsonUSASeparated family2021-05-24
Two Texas Women in Their 50s Make a Startling Discovery: They Were Switched at Birth – NextTribeMary Ann Saenz High & Cynthia RectorUSABaby mix-up2021-05-19
Freeport woman meets half-sister she never knew she had, thanks to DNA test – MyStatelineBonnie Weaver & Dale AusteinUSAAdoption2021-05-13
Men are best friends for 6 decades before learning they’re brothers – Spotlight StoriesWalter McFarland & Alan RobinsonHawaii USAAdoption & surprise brother2021-05-11
Mother and child reunion: They had looked for each other for decades. A DNA test reconnected them. – Montreal GazetteSandy Hutton & Richie MillidgeCanadaAdoption2021-05-09
After 50 years, a daughter found her birth mom — who starred on her favorite show as a kid – Today Show USLisa Wright & Lynne MoodyUSAAdoption2021-05-07
Craig man uncovers eight siblings through DNA testing – Craig PressVictor & James GreerUSAUnexpected families; Bigamy2021-05-06
Mother’s Day Miracle – 23andMe blogMegan McCarthy & MaryUSAAdoption2021-05-05
Me, my half-sister and her biological mum – ABC Radio NationalSuzanne Burdon & Hazel CleryAustralia, UK, USAAdoption2021-05-03
X is for X-DNA – Anne YoungMary HickeyIreland & AustraliaGenealogy2021-04-28
DNA Testing Dispels a Genealogical Myth – MediumMegan SmolenyakSlovakiaGenealogy2021-04-28
DNA Testing Reunites Long-Lost Family After 60 Years – Jewish ExponentLaurie Gandel Samuels & LarissaBelarus & USASeparated in WWII2021-04-28
Myrtle Beach father reunites with son he hasn’t seen for 57 years – ABC 15 NewsRichard McCleary & JimUSAAdoption2021-04-23
Bodies found in desert in 1980 ID’d as woman seeks parents – ABC NewsChristine SalleyUSAAdoption & Murder2021-04-23
DNA exposed my ancestor’s double life – Who Do You Think You Are? MagazineWilliam ChardUKGenealogy2021-04-22
Half-Sisters from Across the Atlantic Find Each Other with MyHeritage DNA – MyHeritage blogDiane Ward & Mary McLaughlinUSAAdoption2021-04-21
Decades after being adopted, 7 siblings born in N.J. reconnected by DNA search – NJ.comYale GefticUSAAdoption2021-04-18
Identical twins separated at birth reunited 36 years later – Good Morning AmericaMolly Sinert & Emily BushnellUSA & South KoreaAdoption2021-04-16
How can DNA Solve Unknown Parentage and Break Down a Brick Wall? – Legacy Tree GenealogistsAnnie RiceUSAGenealogy2021-04-14
Genetic Mapping – story of Emma Gilchrist adoptee, DNA reveals her presumed father was not her bio father – MaisonneuveEmma GilchristCanadaMisattributed paternity2021-04-12
Finding Margaret – DNA Case Study by DNAsleuth – Ann RaymontDaveUSAGenealogy2021-04-01
Adopted Sydney woman meets family for first time in six decades – SunriseMary-Anne WilfordAustraliaAdoption2021-03-31
‘Finding people is easy:’ DNA databases help unite American veterans with their long-lost children – Stars & StripesDonald Pelkey & Phan Thi NuoiVietnam & USAGIs & War babies2021-03-25
Rae Robinson Uncovers Father and 3 Half-Sisters With MyHeritage – MyHeritageRae RobinsonUSAMisttributed paternity2021-03-25
I Discovered I Had a Different Dad and Gained a New Family with MyHeritage DNA – MyHeritage blogDebra BiaginiUSAMisattributed paternity2021-03-24
What happened to Bill’s father? – DNA Family Secrets – BBC TwoVariousUKVarious2021-03-19
Woman’s Search for Her Birth Parents Leads to a Story of Murder – New York TimesKathy Gillcrist & William Bradford Bishop JrUSAAdoption2021-03-09
Born out of love: How the baby they gave up 50 years ago reunited high school sweethearts – IndyStarDonna Horn & Joe CougillUSAAdoption2021-03-03
Find Family with X-DNA – Through the TreesShannon ChristmasUSAGenealogy2021-02-22
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