DNA Testing & Genetic Genealogy Education

Educational Resources

Understanding DNA testing and genetic genealogy can make your experience a whole lot easier and more successful.  There can be a steep learning curve for understanding the concepts, but once you grasp the basics, everything else becomes easier.  Take it slowly, and little by little you’ll understand and remember more, often without realising it!

If you’re excited or surprised by your DNA results and want to know ‘why?’ and learn more about genetic genealogy and how to apply it to your research – below are some learning resources that anyone with internet access can explore from anywhere.


  • ISOGG Wiki (International Society of Genetic Genealogy – Wiki)

Attend Conferences, Presentations & Courses

  • I4GG Conferences – the Institute for Genetic Genealogy conference is held annually in the USA, and recordings of the conference lectures & panel discussions are available for purchase at a very modest price.  I4GG is held in-person and livestreamed, so you can attend live from anywhere in the world (recordings are included).
  • Rootstech is an annual genealogy conference in Salt Lake City, USA, and London UK.  Since 2021, Rootstech has been free for virtual/livestream viewers, and hundreds of session recordings (including on DNA & genetic genealogy) remain available online.
  • MyHeritage Live – usually held in October or November each year.
  • Family Tree DNA administrators’ annual conference.

Virtual Conferences, Presentations & Courses

DNA Testing Company Resources

Read Books

Follow Blogs

There are many genetic genealogy blogs you can follow – some are only updated occasionally, others post many times each week.

User Groups & Forums

Facebook has become the most popular platform for genetic genealogy user groups and support forums.  You need a Facebook account to join DNA groups, but that doesn’t mean you have to use the personal profile side of Facebook if you don’t want to.  It is worth joining Facebook just to participate in DNA group discussions, to keep up with all the latest genetic genealogy community and industry news, topics, issues & blog posts, and to ask questions about DNA testing.


  • DNA Interest Groups – look for a DNA special interest group run by your local family history group or society, or your state genealogical society.

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