Genetic Genealogy Links & Resources

By Louise Coakley

Useful Links

Once you start taking an interest in DNA testing for family history purposes, you will naturally want to find out more about how everything works – the different test types, who to test, choice of testing companies, understanding results, taking it further, support groups, online forums, advanced tools, projects, etc.

There are so many great resources, so I have listed just a few below to get you started (some are listed in more than one category).  Each will lead you to more great resources.

Beginners & Basics

DNA Kits, Testing & Testing Labs

Choosing a DNA Testing Company

Testing company database sizes

Useful Charts & Tools

Webinars, Videos & Audio

Facebook Groups

Websites & Blogs

Autosomal DNA Basics

Autosomal DNA Segments & Triangulation

Y-chromosome DNA (Y-DNA)

Mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA)

X-chromosome DNA (X-DNA)

Adoption & Adoptees

Donor Conceived Resources

Ethnic Makeup & Admixture

Ancient DNA

Health Reporting



Project Administration




Motivations & Expectations

Privacy & Legal

Law Enforcement use of Genetic Genealogy

DNA Success Stories