DNA Test Prices, Sales & Discounts

How much do DNA tests cost?

Below are regular prices, sales prices and any special offers available for the purchase of DNA tests for genealogy (and for finding biological family), and associated products or subscriptions.

If you are new to DNA testing and keen to get started quickly, you can’t go wrong by selecting the most popular and highly-recommended of them all – the ‘AncestryDNA’ test.  If you have more time available, you may like to learn about the different types of DNA tests and compare the features of each of the autosomal DNA tests.

DNA Test Prices


CompanyRegularCurrentSaleGSTShippingTotalAUD $Return
AncestryA$129A$85Ends 29 Novincl.A$29.99 for one kit

(A$10 per additional kit)

MyHeritageA$139A$56Ends 4 Decincl.A$23.09 for one kit

or Free Shipping for 2+ kits

Family Tree DNAUS$79US$39Ends 30 NovUS$9.95 for one kit

(US$4.95 per additional kit)

23andMeUS$99US$79Ends 28 Nov$11.90US$39.99US$130.89197Included
Living DNAA$169A$119Black FridayA$14.95 per kitA$133.95134Included

Autosomal DNA Test Price Comparison as at  29 Nov 2022   (conversions use Google Exchange Rates).

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Was A$129  AncestryDNA now A$85 plus shipping (each kit includes a return-paid shipping box) – ends 29 Nov

  • You do not need an Ancestry membership to test your DNA, to see your DNA results, to contact your matches or to build unlimited family trees (but a membership is required to access historical records).

Regular price A$139  Now A$56+ shipping   …or free shipping for 2+ kits!

  • You do not need a MyHeritage membership to test your DNA, to see your DNA results, to contact your matches or to build <250 person family trees.
  • The MyHeritage Complete Plan lets you search and view millions of historical records and family trees, and access additional DNA features & tools.

23andMe   US$99 Now US$79 (until 28 Nov) plus shipping

Note that 23andMe provides their ancestry service to Australian customers, but their health service & reports are not available to Australian & New Zealand customers.

23andMe customers can create a hardcover book called The Story of Your DNA, which includes your Ancestry Composition, your Neanderthal ancestry, the traits you share with your DNA Relatives, and details of what your DNA says about your roots across the globe.  23andMe customers can order this keepsake for themselves, and in the near future they will be able to order a gift for a friend or family member with whom they are sharing their DNA results.

Your Living DNA ancestry kit includes a breakdown of your biogeographical ancestry into 80 worldwide regions including 21 British regions, as well as your motherline (mtDNA) and fatherline (Y-DNA, males only) haplogroups.

Australians can order a Living DNA Wellbeing test – which is currently 20% off in the Summer Sale.

You can order your Personalised Ancestry Book in your online account.

FindMyPast DNA:  A$129 plus shipping

FindMyPast DNA sells Living DNA kits. Their partnership means that in the future you will be able to link your FindMyPast family tree and records to your DNA profile!

Y-DNA and mtDNA optional: A$39.95 for Deep Ancestry Upgrade

FindMyPast Free Trial – 14 day free trial to access records & family trees

FindMyPast subscriptions are not needed to test your DNA or contact DNA matches, but you will really love a membership for viewing historical records and family trees, and discovering exciting stories from your family’s past!


Birth, death, marriage notices and obituaries are one of the top research resources used by genetic genealogists to reconstruct family trees.  Newspapers.com is a favourite for finding entries that aren’t available elsewhere, including from The Age and the Sydney Morning Herald in Australia:

Add interest to your British family stories and research with birth, marriage, & death notices, obituaries, and community news and events from the British Newspaper Archive:

FindMyPast subscriptions include access to worldwide newspapers:

Free Y-DNA tests

Free Y-DNA tests: Some surname projects offer free or subsidised Y-DNA tests to encourage males with particular surnames from particular locations to test – so check the ISOGG list of free DNA tests.


DNA from Stamps, Envelopes & Hair?

Can you extract DNA from stamps, envelopes & hair?

For information on extracting DNA from personal items or artefacts, see all the details in DNA from Deceased Ancestors.

Whole Genome Sequencing tests your whole genome – 6.4 billion base pairs, not just the (approx) 700,000 markers that we use for genealogy.  Depending on coverage/quality of the testing (ie. how many times a particular SNP/location is read) it can be suitable for health interpretations.  Read my experience getting started in What is a Nebula Genomics DNA test? and refer to Nebula Genomics for more information.

Hundreds of recorded webinars on DNA testing and Genetic Genealogy topics, plus a continual stream of upcoming webinars you can watch live.  Some of the latest include:

Have you hit a brick wall in your research?  If you need help finding that elusive ancestor, tracking down rare international records or translating foreign documents, I recommend Legacy Tree Genealogists.
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