About me

Louise Coakley

Genetic Genealogist

Helping people use and interpret DNA results is Louise’s specialty. 

Louise started her career working with big business data and now works with DNA data and family trees to solve complex genealogical relationship puzzles.

After commencing family history research in 1997, Louise started using DNA as a research tool in 2011 and quickly recognised its power and potential impact on family historians and the wider community.  She continued her own education and started spreading awareness of genetic genealogy amongst other genealogists and the community.

Louise established one of the first DNA Interest Groups in Australia, and she created and leads the popular Facebook group Using DNA for Genealogy – Australia & NZ.  She regularly presents on genetic genealogy topics, both online and in-person.  Louise was a DNA speaker at the DNA Down Under roadshow around Australia in August 2019 and at Family History Down Under 2021, and is presenting at FHDU22.  Louise manages and/or co-administers a number of DNA groups and projects.

Louise offers online DNA consultations to guide and coach clients to explore, interpret and apply their DNA results to their unique family situations.  She specialises in the identification of close biological relatives – such as unknown parents and grandparents – and Investigative Genetic Genealogy.

As well as being a member of local family history groups, Louise is a member of the Society of Australian Genealogists (through which she holds a Certificate in Genealogical Research), the International Society of Genetic Genealogists and the Association of Professional Genealogists.  Louise abides by and promotes the Genetic Genealogy Standards to help safeguard the future use of genetic genealogy for all.

Louise’s background is in business systems and data management, and her professional qualifications include a Master of Business Administration (MBA), Bachelor of Business (BBus – Data Processing) and she is a Certified Practising Accountant (CPA).